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Breaking News! are the Champions!! 

Thank you for all those who voted for us to win in the Tour de Yorkshire Land Art competition 2017.  Our Branwell and the Bicycle atwork that we did with Haworth Primary School gained the most of a record high vote.  Below is the press release from Welcome to Yorkshire.

“Branwell Brontë on a Bicycle” wins Tour de Yorkshire land art competition

The winner of the Tour de Yorkshire Land Art competition has been unveiled as an image of Branwell Brontë riding his bicycle – in the year which marks his 200th anniversary, in addition to that of the bicycle

The iconic artwork was designed by Andrew Wood from Fields of Vision and created with help from schoolchildren in the heart of Brontë country – at Hawarth Primary School, where the image appeared.

The artwork measured 80 X 65 metres was made using recycled materials including waste marquee carpet and 3,000 plant pots.

Branwell’s head and hands were sprayed with grass-friendly paint, while pupils placed and pegged the plant pots into position on their

school field to create the bike.


This year, the Tour de Yorkshire Land Art competition drew almost 4,500 public votes – a record breaking figure. 

On Wednesday (June 21), Sir Gary Verity, the race director of the Tour de Yorkshire, presented Andrew Wood, the Fields of Vision team and the schoolchildren with the 2017 Land Art trophy.

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “This is a fitting winner as the image of Branwell riding his bicycle is

a perfect tribute to two trademarks of Yorkshire – the Brontës and cycling.”

Andrew Wood, team leader of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club’s Fields of Vision team, said: “Having co-organised Sue Ryder’s Brontë Sportive each July for 8 years I have always wanted us to do a land art that would link Haworth and cycling. 

“The fact 2017 marks both 200 years of Branwell and with the Tour de Yorkshire coming through the village this was the perfect time

to do it.  We are delighted how it turned out and want to thank everyone who voted for us.”


Where it all started

In 2014 Worth Valley Young Farmers Club conceived and ran the installation of significant giant land art project called Fields of Vision which animated a large section of the route of the Tour de France Grand Depart as supported by the Yorkshire Festival and Yorkshire Water.   The steep sided valleys of the South Pennines made for perfect canvasses for the artworks and also provided viewing points for thousands of people at the opposite valley sides.

Working together with David Burlison of Lawn Order the Fields of Vision team took the images the artists had created and installed 12 land art works stretching from Blubberhouses in North Yorkshire through to Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. These were installed using varies methods including cutting, painting, covering with canvas, sowing grasses of different colours and even wearing away grass using bikes.

Since gaining this experience as land art installers, our group has been commissioned to produce land art for weddings, party political promotion and installations for Tour de Yorkshire land art commissions.

In 2017 we have installed 13 land art works in the build up to the Tour de Yorkshire, taking us to Garrowby Hill, York, Stocksbridge, Sheffield and many in the Bradford District.

On this site you can see some of our work, find out about some of the methods we use and get in touch with us to discuss your own land art requirements.

Our Artworks
  • Branwell and the Bicycle

    Branwell and the Bicycle was the first land art that we designed ourselves. It was made using recycled materials including carpet from a marquee and 3500 plant pots made up the metalwork of the bike.  Children form Haworth primary school who's field we used helped us to peg the plant pots down in exactly the right positions so that when Tony Beddoes from AB jetting sent up the drone the image looked just right.  We also got our team member David Burlison of Lawn Order to paint in the hands face and hair of Branwell.  This art work was voted as the winner of the Tour de Yorkshire land art competition 2017. 

  • One man and his dog

    One man and his Dog

    This was a line drawing by artist Simon Manfield which we transferred from paper to pasture in this field in Stanbury. Once we had plotted the lines with white ribbon, our colleague David Burlison painted them in with environmentally friendly paint.

  • Infinite cycle of time

    This was one of favourite installations for the Yorkshire Festival, the 100m x 60m artwork was designed by Razwan Ul-Haq. It resembled a cyclist on his bike but also spelled out the word time in Arabic. This piece looked great in the daytime but what we didn’t realise was that it would also look fantastic in the night.

  • Ravens

    One of the easiest installations we did was this one by cutting circles into a farmers field in Stanbury.  The artist Steve Messam had taken inspiration for this from the sound waves that solitary ravens make in the countryside. 

  • The Swoop

    This was our only permanent installation at a former tip in Elland. Jane Revitt designed this artwork and we spent days placing the recycled plastic white starlings in a murmuration formation.

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